Modern custom made curtains with bold and minimal fabrics make a statement in any room. Our certified and professional craftsman will recommend fabrics to meet your expectations with two-toned designs paired with the perfect accessories to match your upholstery.

Much like styling a room with a couch, decorating a window can be difficult. We have some simple decorating ideas to make your interior windows stylish and functional. It all starts and ends with our fabrics: modern, classic, contemporary, formal, sheer & customised.

  • Modern Fabrics – Custom made curtains with complex patterns, modern pictures embroidered or stitched into the fabric, one colour, minimal design style, lace groupings of three decorative objects on the table for an appealing, asymmetrical design.
  • Formal Fabrics – Curtains made with Brocade or Calico have the unique ability to a time period to any window, creating a space that is visually pleasing and resemble centuries past.
  • Flowers or Plants – Flowers and plants patterns are most commonly embroidered into the fabric. They are a great way to add a natural decor to your home while bringing the visual beauty of nature into the room.
  • New custom made Curtains – No matter whether you’re interested in combining multiple types or patterns of fabric for your home’s interior makeover, you can be sure your assistant curtain maker will be able to produce the perfect stylish look you desire.


Located in Sydney, our custom made curtains are the obvious choice when you want to decorate a room with fabrics you have chosen. When compared to prepackaged curtains, customised curtains allow you to choose the type of fabrics and the trimmings plus the curtain rods to create the exact design you seek. All the fabrics in our showroom are able to be combined with any type of accessory of your choice.


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